I’m an award-winning marketing and PR leader with extensive strategic and creative experience and a substantial track record of results. I’ve held communications leadership positions at several major organizations, consulted with and coached numerous CEOs and business owners, taught classes for entrepreneurs, spoken at business gatherings, presented workshops for a range of organizations, and guest-lectured at several colleges and universities.

Now, I’m ready to help you supercharge your marketing,
communications and digital media efforts as

In today’s crowded, noisy marketplace, you need to cut through the clutter, establish yourself or your company as a leader, get your messages seen and heard, shape how your company is perceived, and, when needed, motivate response.

Contact me at 412.760.2299 or johnfries@comcast.net to learn more and schedule a FREE
strategy session.

Benefit from my coaching, workshops and keynotes.

  • Building your company’s (or your personal) rock-solid brand
    How to develop, position and maintain a killer, unique value proposition that sets you and your company firmly apart from your competitors and helps you build a loyal customer following.

  • Writing powerful marketing copy and online content
    Learn how to write marketing, ad and direct marketing copy that sizzles and sells, and online content that brings prospective customers to your website and engages them once they’re there.

  • Using stories to sell
    Turning case studies into dramatic stories that position your business as unquestioned problem solvers who help customers achieve their objectives.

  • Planning and executing a winning PR effort
    From building a brand to launching a new product or service, from positioning yourself as an authority to dealing with the media regarding a sensitive issue, here’s how to create buzz and get the word out.

  • For nonprofits: Fundraising through storytelling
    Learn how to translate your best work into powerful success stories that resonate with existing and potential donors and create emotional connections that motivate support.

  • Developing effective email campaigns
    Harness the power of this popular tactic to communicate your key messages and draw customers into your sales funnel by planning, writing, designing, and distributing irresistable direct marketing campaigns.

  • Using video to grow your business
    Learn how to leverage today’s most powerful marketing tactic to build awareness and custom relationships, and attract prospective customers to your website, landing page or sales funnel.

  • Effective leadership
    Learn how to motivate, mentor, coach, and provide effective leadership to your staff, whether you have 1, 10 or 100 employees.

  • Creating a podcast and building an audience
    How to plan, write, produce, host, and optimize a podcast (online radio show) that provides an instant platform for your authority and expertise, while also promoting you business.

  • Sharing your expertise through books and ebooks
    A well-written ebook (or regular book) with valuable information is an important cornerstone in your content marketing strategy. You can offer it free via social media or sell it online.

  • Writing
    Want to be an author, journalist, copywriter, or content creator? Let me serve as your coach and mentor. I’ll help you with your entire process, from planning and outlining to writing, rewriting, editing, and punch-up. I’ll also counsel you about how to get your work seen.



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