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News Release

Martin Productions

Pittsburgh-based video production company launches website
to bring video professionals and clients together

Recognizing an unfilled need in the commercial video production marketplace, Martin Productions, a Pittsburgh-based video production company, has launched a website designed to make it easier for companies and organizations to find the appropriate videographer or video producer to handle their needs.

The goal of the site--www.videofreelancers.com—is to provide a single, online point of contact at which video professionals can list their capabilities, and businesses with video production needs can post bids for services and invite response. Video services can range from hiring a videographer or crew, to arranging for technical services like sound and lighting, editing and post-production, or a combination of services.

The site is similar to online auction sites, in that individuals or companies can post their specific video needs, per project, on the site’s message board. Video professionals registered with the site have a limited time in which to respond and provide cost estimates and other information on the message board. The client is then free to choose which producer, if any, suits his or her needs. Posting and responding to bids is free for the clients and the video producers. When a video producer is hired by a client, the producer pays Martin Productions a fee that is a nominal percentage of the total amount of the transaction.

VideoFreelancers is a spinoff of the Fast Forward Club (www.fastforwardclub.com), a popular website introduced by Martin Productions two years ago through which a wide range of product, marketing and customer service information of interest to videographers is available at no charge.

"It all started about a year ago when one of my clients, a professional speaker in Pittsburgh, asked me if I knew anyone in Texas who could provide videotaping services for her," said Mike Martin, president of Martin Productions. "I didn't--but told her I would post a message on the Fast Forward Club website to ask if anyone in Texas was interested. This happened again with another speaker who needed a camera crew in Canada, and again for one in Chicago.

I started talking to various speakers and asked them if it was difficult for them to find videographers when they were out of town. Most speakers give presentations all over the U.S. and most don't have any contacts outside their own state. All of them said that it was very difficult and time-consuming to find videographers to tape their speeches. Well, that got me thinking. Why not create a site that brings businesses and videographers together?"

Martin did some web-searching to see if anything existed to serve this need, and found a few sites that attempted it, but all charged an annual fee to place businesses’ names and contact information in their databases. "Also, clients have to rummage through long lists of names" said Martin, and "videographers have to wait until clients go to the site in the hope that his/her name will be seen."

Video Freelancers.com reverses the process. Clients can come to the site and post projects or services that need to be completed. Videographers can search through and bid on those projects. They can even get emailed when a project is posted that suits their needs. The clients can then choose any videographer they want to hire based on the bids they received.

"An important feature of the site is the rating of clients and videographers," said Martin. "After a project is completed, the client can rate the videographer, and that information is posted on the site for all to see. Videographers can also rate clients. This is similar to the Feedback information that appears on sites like eBay."

To date, nearly 100 video producers from across the U.S. and, Europe have registered to be listed as vendors with the site by providing a detailed list of the services they offer. Any individuals, companies and organizations needing video services are welcome to visit and use the site. Martin Productions is now rolling out a communications plan to inform potential customers of the site and invite them to use it as an easy, time- and cost-effective way to contract video services.

Video Freelancers.com offers built-in money accounts for all clients and videographers who sign up. These accounts are used to pay commission fees to Video Freelancers.com and they can also be used for clients to pay videographers.

For more information about Video Freelancers, visit www.videofreelancers.com and click on the "FAQ" menu button.


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