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News Release

Savvior Technology Solutions

Pittsburgh-Based Savviorª Technology Solutions
to Introduce Innovative Business Software Suite

All-in-one, easy-to-use suite features project, content management,
e-business, knowledge database and more

Pittsburgh-based Savvior Technology Solutions (formerly Innovative Solutions) announces the availability of Tectrixª, an innovative suite of business management products, developed by Savvior in the companyÕs North Side offices.

The secure, Web-based suite, which is currently undergoing Beta testing to ensure maximum effectiveness, will be available for purchase beginning May 1, 2002.

The unique, all-in-one suite includes comprehensive project management and web content management systems, an e-business module, and an e-communications module. Specific details about each are available on the productÕs web site at www.tectrix5.com or www.savvior.com. The Tectrix Suite:

  • is highly secure
  • offers a high level of functionality that is designed to create and maintain maximum efficiency for companies and organizations of all sizes
  • is very customizable, and can be adapted to meet specific organizational and user needs
  • offers cross-platform compatibility for both Windows and Macintosh users
  • is web-based; any company with an Internet connection and a browser can use
  • is very user-friendly, with a clean, well-organized and intuitive interface
  • is backed by SavviorÕs strong commitment to customer service, including technical support via telephone during business hours and round-the-clock technical support via the Internet

Depending on how a company uses Tectrix, benefits can include increased efficiencies, time and cost savings.

The Origin of Tectrix
Multitasking is a word used often around the Savvior offices, where the company is continually working on several projects at a time for clients like PennDot, Marconi Communications, The Hillman Company, Pittsburgh Regional Biotechnology and many others.

Initially, Savvior employees were looking for, but could not find, commercially available project management solutions that addressed their specific needs and enabled them to complete multiple projects and meet tight deadlines with a high level of efficiency. Out of necessity, they wrote their own applications and almost immediately began identifying levels of efficiency even greater than they expected.

"We figured that if this self-made software worked so well for us, it could work just as well or better for other companies," said Keith Giuliani, Savvior president and CEO. "So we started tweaking it, then seriously took it a few giant steps further, and ultimately we evolved it into a suite of products thatÕs unlike anything else on the market."

Very Robust, Yet Easy to Use
Giuliani explains that while the product is very robust, itÕs a dream to use. "Tectrix puts everything you need at your fingertips," he said. For example, the project management component encompasses a number of functions including management of staff roles, departments, budgets, approvals, and more. It also offers items like self-contained discussion areas and message boards for each project, and provides fast, easily accessible documentation. This means that, instead of the traditional paper trails and bulging file folders for each project, Tectrix creates a well-organized, cross-indexed "bucket" for each project.

Tectrix will be available to companies and pricing will be based on the number of user licenses. Interested parties may contact Savvior directly for specific details about purchase and implementation of Tectrix.

About Savvior Technology Solutions
Savvior Technology Solutions is a privately owned technology firm, located on PittsburghÕs North Side, that provides web-based software and networking applications for clients throughout the Northeastern United States. SavviorÕs wide range of services include Web site development, Web hosting, e-commerce, virtual private networks, managed service offerings, and more, and supports those services with highly reliable and scalable infrastructure and systems. SavviorÕs customers include small to medium businesses, large global enterprises, multinational corporations, and Web-centric firms.


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