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Nova Environmental Services, Inc.
Capability Brochure

Written and designed by John Fries

Add value to your company.
Put the NOVA team to work for cost-effective solutions
to your unique requirements.

Any good environmental services firm can analyze its customers' operations and develop a remedial plan of action that ensures safety, cost-effectiveness and improvement in the long term.

But...it takes a firm with extensive experience and a multidisciplinary team of experts to develop innovative, customized solutions, provide them in an efficient, cost-effective manner, and ensure that they are in strict compliance with governmental regulations.

Compliance is Crucial.

The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, the Clean Air Act of 1990, and numerous other OSHA, EPA, state and local requirements can make compliance a overwhelming task for many businesses. Today's customers are acutely aware of legal liability issues. and more and more of them recognize the benefits of having one firm to handle the complete range of environmental, safety and health-related issues on a turnkey basis.

The NOVA Advantage.

The multidisciplinary NOVA team of environmental services experts includes:
project designers
management planners
training specialists
building inspectors
laboratory analysts
safety personnel

Our Mission: Helping our clients to successfully manage environmental,
safety and health obligations in a proactive and cost-effective manner.

Industrial Reclamation
Steel mills
Chemical plants
Power generation plants
Food processing plants
Nuclear plants

Institutional Environments

Hospitals and health care facilities
Schools and educational buildings
Government buildings and facilities
Pharmaceutical companies

Commercial Environments
Office buildings
Shopping malls
Restaurants and food service facilities
Aerospace companies

NOVA's environmental building management technologies include:

Software development--your building at-a-glance by Accu-TraxSM
Indoor air quality management
Mechanical hygiene maintenance
Microbiological testing
Chemical testing
Forensic testing

Call NOVA today for more information about how we can address all your environmental and compliance needs.


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