Jessie Wray Goodman, Brian Ceponis and Justin Fortunato in Primes Stage Theatre's 2017 production of "1984."

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Blue Myst Road now available for viewing online

This original dramatic film about Pittsburgh urban legends tells the story of the Green Man, Blue Myst Road in North Park, and others can now be viewed online. Just go to

Creating branded content for Prime Stage Theatre

This profile of TV / film / stage actor Brian Ceponis, star of the theater's fall 2016 stage production "To Kill a Mockingbird," begins with Brian discussing his career and end with him providing acting insights.

Producing PSAs featuring a U.S. Olympics hopeful

This PSA features 2016 Summer Olympics hopeful Brandon Hudgins, an elite runner and vasculitis patient, making a support appeal for the Foundation's 2016 annual fund.

Helping Pittsburgh rock legends help the troops

Pittsburgh's rock & roll royalty combined their talents to create this CD to honor U.S. troops, with all proceeds benefiting injured soldiers. We created the online video trailer to support this worthy effort.

Helping a business author introduce her newest book

In this online book launch video series, noted author Christine Posti answers frequently asked questions about the job search process.

Launching Little Sisters of the Poor's capital campaign

This short film launched a major fundraising campaign for the organization, resulting in developing the capital needed to significantly expand its Pittsburgh facility.

While serving as publications and digital communications manager at the Frick Art & Historical Center during 2007–2016, John produced a number of online videos. In this one, the museum's education director previews a special thematic tour of Clayton, the Frick mansion.

This video provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse at "day- of" preparations for one of the concerts in the museum's popular, longtime annual summer music series.

When members of a WWII war bride organization (British women who married American servicemen) visited the museum, John ran outside with his camera and conducted an informal interview with one of the group's members.

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Frick Art & Historical Center

Dr. Maria Simbra, KDKA-TV


Kenny Blake, Interior Design CD cover

Fashion Shoot

Prime Stage Theatre "1984" Promo


Mark Milovats Christmas Show Promo

Prime Stage Theatre, Rehearsal

Amy Rigby, Lilith Fair


Debbie, Model, Florida

Andy Warhol, The Factory, New York

Winnie Flynn, Actress-Producer


Sean, Actor

Charlie, Pirate, PNC Park

Production photo from the set of Blue Myst Road


Fountains of Wayne

Kenny Blake, Rumor Has It CD

Donald, Model, Florida


Comtra Theatre, Working Promo Photo

Daphne Alderson, Singer

The Cynics, Get Our Way CD Cover


Comtra Theatre, Working Promo Photo


Roseann, CEO

Angelo, Specialty Group


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