Benefit from my three decades of experience (and extensive track record of results) as a marketing, PR and digital leader.

Over the past few decades I've worked with companies of all sizes and types -- from big corporations to small businesses and nonprofits. I'm passionate about helping you do business better, communicate more effectively, plan and execute more successful marketing initiatives, and grow business.

I offer personal coaching and consulting, company workshops, seminars, and keynote addresses.

Your investment will be time well-spent. You can begin using my strategies and tactics immediately to build your brand, engage your audiences and grow your bottom line.

Contact me by email or at 412.760.2299 to learn more.

Areas of experience and expertise

• Public Relations named my PR practice, FriesPR, one of the top public relations firms in Pittsburgh in 2018 and 2019. My experience ranges from publicity, media relations, serving as a media spokesperson, and handling crisis communications for a broad variety of delicate issues to planning and publicizing a wide array of well-attended events. My clients have bee featured in a wide range of national, local and trade media. and on numerous websites. I offer a full range of PR-related writing services, including news releases, press kits, position papers, editorials, and more.

I’ll provide you with a solid PR strategy that focuses on clear communications and results. From publicity, media relations and crisis communications to managing your company’s reputation and positioning you as a credible authority, I’ll give you the tools, tactics and insights to help you achieve your communications objectives.

• Integrated Marketing Communications

I’ll work with you to develop integrated marketing and communications strategies, leveraging a bespoke mix of powerful tactics that help you achieve awareness, sales and market share.

• Building and Leveraging a Rock-Solid Value Proposition (Brand)

How is your company perceived? How do you want it to be perceived? Do you have a unique value proposition that sets your business apart from all other competitors? I’ll lead you and your management team through a proprietary process that helps you identify the unique, marketable thing that sets you apart, and shows you how to leverage it to build business.

• Using Digital Media in Your Marketing Strategy

I’ll teach you how to leverage the power of digital media as part of your marketing strategy, specifically focusing on branded video content, podcasts and social media. Learn to create engaging videos that get viewed and shared and an audio podcast that connects you with your audience. And how to employ social media to build your audience.

• Content Marketing

Today, nearly everyone wants to draw visitors to their website, landing page or sales funnel. Learn to write and design optimized, effective web page content and well-crafted inbound content—blogs, ebooks, white papers, infographics, videos, microsites, podcasts, and other informational items that bring new customers.

• Writing Powerful Sales and Marketing Copy

Improve the effectiveness of your ads, direct marketing, sales letters, sales support materials, collateral materials, online tools, and other items. Learn the secrets of writing sales and marketing materials that grab attention, lead the reader through your pitch, state customer benefits in persuasive ways, and motivate response or action.

• Improve Your Business Writing Skills

Let me help you and/or your team improve and enhance your writing skills, from planning and organizing your message to using the right words in ways that obtain the desired response and results—no matter what you’re writing.

• Using Video in Your Marketing Strategy

Stories are effective in marketing because they serve as excellent vehicles for everything from providing information to attracting customers. A good video will be shared, and stories are memorable. I’ll teach you the process of video storytelling from a marketing standpoint . . . writing for your audience . . . outlining and crafting your story based on three-act structure and how that works in the business environment . . . the mechanics of producing a good quality video or video series, and . . . how to distribute your video content, optimize it for search, and include in your social media strategy.

• Storytelling in Marketing (Business)

Learn to craft unique, interesting stories that promote your company and brand, engage and fascinate your customers and support your sales and marketing efforts

• Storytelling in Marketing (Nonprofits)

Learn how to craft compelling stories about your nonprofit organization’s successes and leverage them to inform and inspire your audiences to provide volunteer and financial support.

• Writing for Aspiring Writers

Want to be an author, journalist, copywriter, or content creator? Let me serve as your coach and mentor. I’ll help you with your entire process, from planning and outlining to writing, rewriting, editing, and punch-up. I’ll also counsel you about how to get your work seen.

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