Your brand is one of your company's
most important and powerful assets.

It’s the immediate perception your company holds in the mind of your audiences, customers and the public. It also helps you position it in a crowded marketplace.

To stand out in the marketplace, you need a brand built on a unique value proposition, one you can leverage to position your organization apart from your competitors. A strong brand will enable you to shape the perception of your company in the marketplace, build a reputation for excellence, gain market share, grow revenue, and create preference for your company, products and services. Having a successful brand makes your company the only real choice among your constituents.

There are business brands, and there are personal brands that shape audience perceptions of you as an individual, leader or innovator. I help companies, organizations and people develop, position and manage their brands.

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My branding process is collaborative and begins with a facilitated workshop that generates honest, open discussion about how your business is perceived now vs. how you want it to be perceived. Overall, the branding process encompasses the items below.

  • Determine what’s meaningful to your customers and other stakeholders
  • Identify your company’s (or your) unique value proposition.
  • Assess your competitors’ positioning
  • Clearly articulate your USP and brand characteristics
  • Create a brand platform, including a unique brand statement and key message points
  • Create and leverage your brand’s unique story.
  • Align your brand message across your entire company
  • Communicate your value proposition clearly to your employees
  • Teach them to support and represent your brand at all customer touchpoints
  • Incorporate your brand message into your communications: print, web, social media, and more
  • Design or refine your brand’s visual attributes: logo, tagline and other materials
  • Communicate your brand effectively across all platforms and situations

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