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About Blue Myst Digital

We're a boutique creative agency and production studio that develops, writes and produces films and videos of all sizes and types. We also provide photography services and develop websites.

Although our company is new, the professionals who staff it are writers, filmmakers and photographers who have worked both individually and collaboratively on numerous visual storytellng projects over the past three-plus decades. Our experience ranges from sales and marketing videos, web series, digital shorts, mini-documentaries and much more to award-winning websites and photography.

At the end of the day, to paraphrase Penn Jillette, we're just a bunch of folks who know how to do some cool stuff.

We also create original films and digital shorts. In fact, our company name is inspired by a short film we created in the early 2000s about Pittsburgh urban legends. Blue Myst Road is an original independent film that told the stories of the Green Man, Blue Myst Road in North Park and a bookstore ghost. It received media attention and lots of favorable reaction, including a commendation in the Pennsylvania Senate (Thank you, Senator Jane Orie!) that was a pleasant surprise.


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